Next Generation Cache Recycling

  • Security

    UL291, CEN L, CEN III safes with standard options of floor anchorage. Alarm sensors and provision of secure locks. Safe door opening can be software controlled. more info
  • Ergonomics

    Devices designed to help operators perform a task must be both simple to use and to control. more info
  • The TCR revolution

    One major benefit of the CM18 TCR is that rather than focussing on the manual process of handling cash, the teller can give their full attention to their customer. more info
  • Integration

    The CM18 is compatible with many middleware platforms and multi-vendor software solutions. more info
  • Fitness

    The CM18 uses advanced note processing and recognition technology to perform all the checks required for detecting unfit banknotes, processing up to five notes per second. more info
  • Connectivity

    One of the innovative functions of the CM18 is its ability to communicate over multiple channels concurrently – connecting to several systems at once. more info
  • Technology

    Over 100 Research & Development engineers dedicated to producing the best in banknote recycling technology. more info
  • Flexibility

    The CM18T offers a scalable capacity that can grow from 8 to 12 recycling modules at any time. more info
  • Video ADV

    A selection of promotional videos which display the capacities and characteristics of CM18 and CTS Cashpro. more info